Sea Scouts

Want to to share your love of sailing with youth who otherwise have little opportunity to sail–especially on boats as nice as yours? All you need do is spend about 20 minutes taking an online BSA certification and send a PDF of the certificate to Shay Seaborne. This small investment will certify you for two ¬†years–a great return on your time.

BSA requires that at least one adult present is certified in the Venturing Youth Protection course–which means we need as many skippers and other adults as possible to be certified. This is available online at no cost, and takes only about 20 minutes to complete. (NOTE: this is not the same course as the Cub Scout or Boy Scout youth protection. It is a different certification, pertaining to older scouts.)

The starting point for the Venturing Youth Protection course is the MyScouting portal. If you are new to MyScouting, you need to create an account. Otherwise, sign in with your regular ID. Once you are logged in, click on E-Learning (here or on the left column on that page).Then scroll down a bit and click the “Venturing” tab. Finally, click the “Take Course” link next to “Youth Protection Training – Venturing Version.”

Once you have completed the course, please save a copy of your certification card as a PDF and email it to Shay at so I can have it on file. Thanks!