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The QYC is a boating club and at its best on the water.  Cruising is one of our core competencies and we host at least three major cruises each boating season.  As a member of the Potomac River Yacht Club Association, we also share cruising opportunities with other clubs.  In addition to formal cruises, we take advantage of good weather on many weekends during the season for raft-ups and sails to local venues.  We are still developing our 2014 schedule.

Cruising with the QYC

In general, each cruise will be a “come as you are” with a Saturday arrival and Monday departure for the three day weekends.  Longer weekends will still follow the same basic format with just a little more playtime.  Once at our destination plan to join your fellow QYC members for happy hour and potluck dinner on or near the docks starting at 1630.   Normally there will be a grill available and we will sit down to eat around 1800.  If no grill is available at our destination we will advise everyone prior to the cruise so you can plan your main dish accordingly.

The second evening for a three day cruise we will have happy hour starting at 1630 dockside with follow-on reservations for 1800 at a local restaurant.  If the group is too large we will split up into smaller groups for better service and seating.  For anyone not interested in going to a restaurant or if no restaurant is available there will be another evening potluck near the docks.  Each morning plan to get together for breakfast starting at 0900.

A week prior to each cruise we will publish the itinerary for the coming cruise to remind everyone of the basic plan and let you know what facilities will be at our disposal.  The following are a few guidelines for our potluck events.

Potluck dinners:

  • Bring your main dish with enough to serve your entire crew
  • Bring a side dish to share that will feed your entire crew plus four
  • The side dish can be anything from appetizers, salads, dinner sides, or desserts
  • Each boat will be responsible for their own grilling so that one or two folks do not have to attend to the grill all night
  • Bring your own flatware and tableware as this will reduce costs to the club
  • If you are able, bring tables and chairs

Potluck breakfast:

  • Bring a main dish with enough to serve your crew
  • Bring a breakfast side dish with enough to serve your crew plus four
  • For breakfast your side dish can also be a beverage such as coffee, orange juice or something even more interesting
  • Once again, bring flatware and tableware for your crew

Potential Potomac River Cruising Venues

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